Warning Against Fraudulent Calls And Emails From Scammers Claiming To Be The IRS

Distressing Call

Have you received a call from someone claiming to be the IRS and stating that you owe back taxes? Did they demand payment right away? This is not how the IRS communicates with people.

Or have you received an email that says the same thing, and also demands a payment to keep you from being arrested? This is also a way that fraudsters and scammers try to steal money from people.

The IRS does not call you to threaten they will take you to jail. At our office, we have received several calls from Abilene residents who indicate the caller says they are from the IRS and if the person does not immediately give them Debit Card info or send them a Money Order the "IRS" will come arrest them and put them in jail.

We live in America. This is NOT how it works.

The people making these calls are con artists out to make a quick buck from the naive taxpayer based on fear.

First of all the IRS is not calling taxpayers in this manner. If the IRS has an issue with what you owe, they will mail you a letter and there is a due process to answer them and even appeal any adverse determination.

A new scam is happening that involves the same tactics, but is done through email instead of phone calls. If you receive an email that claims to be from the IRS and claims that you owe back taxes, it is a SCAM.

These emails look official and include a letterhead from the IRS. They will tell you that you owe the IRS back taxes and that you have to pay fast or lose everything.

The IRS does not use email to communicate with taxpayers.

If you?ve received a phone call, email, or any other communication from an entity that claims to be the IRS, let us help you to report these harassing fraudsters and get you the peace you need.

Don?t fall victim to these scam attempts. Call us at 325.437.5683
Do not fall prey to these schemes. Hundreds of thousands of others have.