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Keys To Beating End-Of-Year Procrastination

We have all been holding too much weight on our shoulders for almost all of 2020. No matter what we believe, what political party we are in, or how deeply the pandemic affected us personally, everyone felt it.

Now, vaccines are arriving during the holiday season as a gift that hopefully is helping many start to feel a little bit less of that weight. 

And since I believe this is a season that we will eventually learn a lot of lessons, maybe we can start to start doing that. Because doesn’t removal of that little bit of weight feels good, right?

Almost all of us are carrying more than we need to even in the best of the times. You know that thing that lingers in the mind that you wish you didn’t have to do? Well, that often means we don’t do it as soon as we could. Even if just getting it out of the way would remove the strain that it is placing upon us. 

So yes, an easy lesson is that ending procrastination can help make things feel better. But of course, we all know that already. That is an easier-said-than-done situation.

But what if you could think of it in another way? What if instead of thinking about how you should get it done but just don’t have the will for it, you had someone else do it?

I know you might read that and also file it under easier said than done, but I wager that if you’re doing that, it is easier to do than you realize. 

One thing that we have definitely learned this year is how many people have the means to work from home.

You can take advantage of this with such online freelancer marketplaces as Fiverr or Upwork. And of course, there are some tasks that are sensitive enough that you will not feel comfortable offering them up in such arenas. But there are many other tasks you are spending time on that could be handled there. 

Those tasks that feel too sensitive for a freelancer do not automatically still have to be done by you, though. You can still partner with someone who has the skills to handle the pieces of business that you hate doing.

Do you never quite get those marketing plans implemented? Well, there are many out there who know how to do that and love doing it.

Do you never quite get around to getting your books or tax situation in order? Well, we certainly can guarantee that you know someone who can help you there. 

Consider shifting those tasks to someone else a holiday gift to yourself – one you very much deserve. You got through this year after all, right?

Jerry Love | 12/19/2020

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