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Unlike many CPA firms, we provide litigation support and expert testimony to objectively present and support cases.  We assist litigants and their legal counsel by analyzing the accounting and financial issues at the center of the dispute. 

We assist clients with the financial challenges created by business disputes or in matters related to property settlements in divorce cases inclusive of business valuations and tracing.  We have become a trusted source for many law firms in the West Texas region.

When hiring a firm to prepare a valuation for complex litigation, matrimonial, or other commercial litigation, you should seek a firm that will provide a sound and defensible position.

Legal representation is essential to anyone facing litigation or filing charges. In many cases, a CPA may be needed to provide litigation support.  The goal of the CPA should be to assist the parties to assess the values accurately and objectively on an unbaised basis.  To provide litigation support, a CPA should have experience in the matters raised in the litigation.

When a case goes to trial (and equally important during pre-trial settlement negotiations), our litigation support team works closely with the retained law firm to build a compelling case. We begin by investigating, analyzing and interpreting complicated financial evidence.

Our experience enables us to simplify complex ideas so that they can be easily communicated to juries or other triers of facts.
Our services include:

  • Assistance with pre-trial and trial issues
  • Information, document and exhibit creation and collection
  • Clear explanations of the facts regarding accounting, business, and tax
  • Strategy development, data analysis
  • Assessment of damages, losses, earnings, profits and disputes 
  • Business Valuations
  • Tracing to verify the nature of separate or community property
  • Rebuttal of opposing expert testimony and cross-examination questions
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations

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